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Hi! Welcome to my little place on the internet. I like to draw in my free time. Most of my pictures are black and white because I can't color and I don't like to. So, if there are any comments please write to RevoGUtena@aol.com

Last Updated on July 25, 1999, Newer ones on top!

Hi Everyone! I have just moved to a new town and everything is still messy so sorry about not updating in a while. I will draw more soon! Thanx!

An Angry Cat girl Thankful Catgirl Soujiro Chichiri
Akane in Black and White 6/18/99 Kaoru without a hand ^o^ Kenshin with an angelic Kaoru Another Tamahome
Battle Angel Alita! Blond gunsmith cat HotoHori in a suit Kenshin offering Kaoru Coffee ^-^
Innocent looking lady Rally Vincent Sailor with wavy green hair, I forgot who this one is sorry! =( Sailor Jupiter in a kimono
Sailor Mercury looking up Sailor Venus The great Tamahome Utena with a guy and a rose
Tsukushi Makino from Hana Yori Dango Sailor Moon face on, coloring not quite finished... Okay This person is in Utena but I forgot his name ???  Who knows? Yu Yu Hakusho



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